Administration Board


"For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and   individually we are members one of another." Romans 12:4-5 (NRSV)


As one member of the body of Christ we exist to aid the entire body of Christ by serving the administrative needs of the St. John Congregation.


To strengthen St. John Lutheran Church by coordinating, assisting, and guiding the management of personnel, stewardship, gifts and memorials, property, finance and planning.


  • To provide oversight in the development and operation of policies and procedures and their periodic updates.
  • To communicate to the Congregation Council the actions and activities taken for the benefit of the congregation.
  • To provide oversight for maintenance needs and plan for short and long range capital improvements.
  • To assist with the annual stewardship drives and other financial planning endeavors.
  • To coordinate the activities and provide for the support of the custodian.
  • To administer all funds set aside for its work by budget appropriation or by special resolution of the congregation. The congregation or council may, however, restrict such expenditures to conform to the actual financial condition of the congregation.
  • To prepare the board's annual budget for inclusion in the congregational annual budget.
  • To provide an annual summary of our activities for the Annual report, and periodic updates to the council.
  • To appoint two members at large to the Budget Task Force by May 1.
  • To determine the frequency and time of its meetings.     


Membership shall consist ideally of seven to ten members, to   include a representative of the Council.

The Board elects its officers   and will consist of chairperson and a secretary. Other offices may be added as appropriate.

The Lead Pastor shall serve as ex-officio member.

Updated: March 2011