Sanctuary - by Linda Behn

Pastor David asked each of the staff here at St. John Lutheran Church to write on a broad topic: what our job entails, what we appreciate about St. John or anything close to that.

First and foremost, I appreciate the people I get to work with on a day-to-day basis and those that pop in the office, however frequent. I appreciate and enjoy the work that I get to perform; that being creating the weekly bulletins, announcements and other church media. Plus, assisting people in need, be it with food, help with rent or a utility bill or an ear just to listen. I like that each day there is something new and different.

But the “bestest” part of being here at St. John each day is that I get to experience the Sanctuary in a totally different way than I do during a worship service. I get to really feel the quiet, the calm, see the beauty, and experience the silence at its best. For me I feel God entering my heart when I am able to be in the silence. In our daily lives each of us has so many things to deal with, deadlines, phone calls, children, spouses, friends, family; the entire daily routine.


When I am in the Sanctuary all the hub-bub of life stops for me, and for a moment I can simply be. I know some of you have the ability to make your own moment of silence in your daily routine while others, like me, can seem to do it. I am thankful that I have that experience so close at hand.

I invite you to stop at church during your daily routine and experience the silence too. 



You too are invited to write a blog about faith and life. If you are interested contact Pastor David.