As you may know this web page is new for us as is our new web address. is simpler and much shorter than our old address!  

If you were wondering how we got to this address it wasn't with out some effort, but ultimately  sj is for St. John and rdb is an abbreviation of Reedsburg. Together they are 5 letters that have meaning and are much easier to remember and spell out than our old 15 letter address!

We are doing much of this work in house so pardon us if the transfer of things takes a little time or has a hiccup or two!   

Starting Sunday we will be starting the "Year of John" in the Narrative Lectionary.   That means we are back to the beginning to Genesis.  

It is fitting to go back to Genesis as this time of year marks so many new beginnings. The first day of school, first day of college, and many more firsts I am sure.  I look forward to seeing you at St. John this weekend for worship and remember the congregational breakfast between services, it is a marvelous ways to begin!




For more information on the Narrative Lectionary click here.