Church In Society Board


To celebrate the power and joy of the Gospel by bridging of our church life with our life in the community and the world at large. "Outreach and Inreach!"


Social Ministry activities include things like:     

  • Reedsburg Helping Hands
  • Giving Tree
  • Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)
  • Hope House
  • Salvation Army
  • Disaster Relief
  • Lutheran World Relief
  • Global Missions
  • Compassion Sunday
  • Touched Twice Clinic
  • Actions resulting from the study of social issues
  • Good Samaritan Fund (local benevolence)
  • Christ's Cupboard (Grocery Bag Ministry)

In-reach activities include:

  • Presentation of forums regarding the social statements of our Synod and the ELCA
  • Participation in the Parish Nurse Program, which sponsors events like blood pressure screenings, health fairs, blood drives, and health and wellness education events
  • Participation in groups such as Bible Study Circles etc.        


The Church in Society Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 6 pm in the Library. All meetings are open and visitors are encouraged to come and listen or to bring issues of concern to the Board's attention.

Updated: February 2016