St. John Lutheran Church Columbarium 

This project is in it's early stages of planning and implementation. You can find out more about costs, and and other details in a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this form. For many the question arrises, what is a Columbarium and why have one in a church? From the earliest of Christian times, the church’s role has been the home for the sacraments and ceremonies that members experience at different stages of their spiritual journey: Holy Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, spiritual growth, marriage and death.

A Columbarium is a natural extension of this role where those who have worshiped and prayed together in life now await the resurrection of the body. It provides final resting place with special meaning to church members for whom involvement in the church was an important part of their life on earth and is a visible remainder that the gift of eternal life is assured to all who believe.

To find out more about the Columbarium project you can down load the PDF here.