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LIFE short for Lutheran Instruction For Eternity is St. John's approach to what has traditionally been called "Confirmation" or more properly the "Affirmation of Baptism."  We begin a formal process in 6th grade, but we know that life in Christ is a life long process and theologically we understand that eternity begins now as we live our lives growing in faith.  Our approach to faith formation centers on that growth and it starts with faith formation in and through worship and classes from newborns to our most experienced saints!. 

Schedules and expectations for each year vary so we have included them below to help you schedule the important stuff!

6th Grade - Intro to LIFE

Intro to LIFE meets once a month with short classes on the basics of faith followed by a raucous fellowship time!    

7th and 8th Grades - Learning LIFE 

 7th and 8th Grade years focus on the Luther's Small Catechism and the Bible, through small group study, large group lessons and of course raucous fellowship! 

9th Grade - Living LIFE

Finally in 9th Grade each student is paired with a confirmed adult to talk about and do the life of faith together formally and informally.