The Administration Board and the Church Council have approved a joint venture of raising dollars for new landscaping on the front side of our church building and for debt retirement for a budget shortfall that has accumulated thus far this year.

The Landscape Project has a cost of $9,500. The Debt Retirement Project that we want to pay off is $17,850. Our intention for the combined projects is to move forward immediately. When we have reached the level of $9,500, we will notify our landscape contractor to purchase the shrubs and plants so the planting can begin. The earlier we notify him, the better choice of shrubs and plants we will have.

 The Debt Retirement portion of our campaign is actually a part of our mission as a congregation. We believe in keeping the exterior of our church home neat, attractive and welcoming. But our mission, to reach out in love with the gospel of Jesus, is most important and we all need to support the ministry of St. John. We hope you will be supportive of this two-pronged approach as we deal with this summer’s challenges. I believe our St. John family is up to this challenge and together we will be successful.

We are mindful that all are not able to contribute at the same level. Circumstances are different for all. That’s why we have a plan that has eleven (11) levels of giving ranging from $20 to $1000. Some can only afford $20. Others are able to contribute at the upper levels. You can see how many gifts we need in each category to reach our goal. We hope all will stretch themselves to make these two projects a reality this summer/fall.

This campaign begins NOW and we will strive to raise the entire amount by the end of summer. There will be special envelopes designated for Landscape/Mission available for your use. Or you may send in a check to St. John designated as such in the memo line. All gifts are tax deductible.

We hope you will all share in this ministry project. You will have the opportunity to give as a
Memorial or in Honor of persons you name. I will update weekly on our progress.
        Ken West         524-2942 or 608-415-1717