St. John LutheranCemetery is located on Highway K on the north side of Reedsburg.  Highway K is an extension of Myrtle Street. St. John Cemetery  was started in 1873. The land was donated by the Stolte family. 

Concerns & Maintenance

The St. John Lutheran Cemetery By-Laws state grave sites can only be sold to members of St. John Lutheran Church. Families can pass grave sites down to other family members. Contact the president of the Cemetery Board to arrange for a purchase.

St. John Cemetery Board is responsible for the mowing and trimming of the cemetery, and has contracted with Dan Hillcoat to perform these duties.

The City of Reedsburg provides snow removal on the drives through the cemetery.

Usually the 2nd or 3rd week in May the board turns the water on at the main waterline, and then turns it off in the fall. They will provide an announcement which is published in the church bulletin, or you may contact a board member to find out the exact dates.

Out of concern for maintenance and appearance of the cemetery, items not on the gravestone foundations are removed. There are two holes drilled into the foundations which work nicely for stands for flower urns and shepherd hooks. If the holes are not already installed contact the Cemetery Board to arrange to have it done. 

One or more of the Cemetery Board members walks through the cemetery weekly in order to keep things looking nice. It is noted that wind, wildlife, and people other than the Cemetery Board often leave items, move or remove things. Items that are removed from graves by the Cemetery Board members are put behind the shed. There is no way to know who picks these items up.

When replacing or planting trees or shrubs you are asked to contact a member of the Cemetery Board. There is great care taken to determine where to place new plantings because roots often cause havoc with gravestones and with equipment when digging graves. The outer boundaries of the cemetery work best.

There are two benches available for people who wish to sit for a while.

The board has provided attractive garbage receptacles for your convenience. They are put out in spring and removed in fall.

The Cemetery Board has over 100 graves still available in the current cemetery but is looking at developing the land to the north. The land is currently owned by the cemetery and they have plans to expand when necessary.

The board has updated the records using a computer program entitled Legacy Mark.

Grave Openings
    Weekdays: For casket $550
    For cremation $200
    Sundays or Holidays: $650

Grave sites are $300 for each site

Board Members:

President James Knuth                  Cell:  608-522-3662
Vice President Greg Westerman   Home:  608-524-6331
Secretary  Greg Adelman               Home:  608-524-3729
Treasurer Tim Macfarlane               Home: 608-524-0008

Council Liaison
Bruce Saniter                                   Cell: 608-393-3252

Although the St. John Lutheran Cemetery Association is separate from St. John Lutheran Church, you may also call St. John Lutheran Church office and they will forward messages and requests to members of the Cemetery Board.  Phone:  608-254-9763 Or 608-524-4516