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What is it?

St. John Lutheran Church Foundation is a Wisconsin Corporation and has been accepted by the United States government as a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization. This means that your gift to the Foundation is tax deductible. It is managed by a board of directors elected by St. John Lutheran Church through its members at an annual meeting of the congregation.

Why a Church Foundation?

This St. John Lutheran Church Foundation, Ltd. is organized to receive gifts, grants, bequests, and designated contributions  which are accumulated and managed for the greatest permanent benefit of St. John Lutheran Church. The Foundation provides the most economical and businesslike method of administering gifts. The Foundation will seek to support the work of Christ in this community and throughout the world.

What are Endowment Funds?

Endowment funds are the accumulation of many gifts, large and small, which are made by people interested in the welfare of St. John Lutheran Church and its members. Foundation funds will be carefully invested and the income used to carry on St. John Lutheran Church’s expanding program of Christian activities. Special attention will be given to projects which ordinarily are not included in the regular church budget. In fact, the endowed funds are not to be used in place of our regular church budget funds, nor take the place of our regular memorial gift fund! Contributions to the foundation can give each person an active partnership in making St. John Lutheran Church increasingly effective in carrying on its important work of the Kingdom of God. Contributions may be made in many ways—such as cash, real estate, securities, bequests, devices, and life insurance gifts.

There are MANY WAYS!

There are many different ways in which we can provide financial support for our church.

Regular and sustained weekly offerings are an important part of the day to day ministry of St. John.  The foundation was established to enable new and unique ministries and events.

Bequests to specific programs may be possible. The pastors, members of our Congregational Council, or the Foundation Board can provide you with a list of these needs and consultation regarding the proper placement of your gifts.

The Foundation fulfills the need for longer term gifts by providing a permanent fund which will assure donors that their gifts will help increase financial stability and growth for our church. When contributing to the Foundation, donors will be assured that their gifts will be given proper consideration and be used in accordance with the donor’s wishes. 

A Living Gift

A gift given to the Foundation is a living gift. What this means is that a gift is invested and only the earnings from the gift are used to support the projects of the Foundation. The gift then perpetuates itself and will continue to serve the objectives of the Church forever.