Youth and Family Board


To know Christ and make him known, inspiring youth to make a lasting difference in their Church, community and world.


We acknowledge that this ministry is under the leading of the Holy Spirit and that God is the only one that can bring about change in a person's life through his Son, Jesus Christ.


Our purpose, with God's direction, is to help our young people develop as whole people in Jesus Christ through person-to-person ministry. To offer young people a safe place where they can belong and somewhere that their lives can make a positive, lasting difference on others.

  • In order to establish this kind of ministry, the following key concepts will guide this ministry.
  • Christ-centered ministry, based on a foundation based on prayer
  • Intentional/strategic ministry
  • Emphasis on stewardship
  • A safe, affirming environment
  • Relational ministry     


We would like to see a young person (with his/her unique gifts and personalities) become the following kind of person:         

  • One who aims for their full potential and is striving to be all that God created them to be
  • A person of character
  • One who possesses a solid understanding of their personal Christian faith and how to rely on that faith in order to make good life choices
  • One who shows leadership; equipped and motivated to be a leader in their church, community, and world for Jesus Christ.


  • Handle staffing              
  • Set policy              
  • Approve the Youth Ministry Management Plan              
  • Determine job description              
  • Review progress of youth ministry              
  • Support Youth Director in fellowship and prayer
  • Call members to serve on Youth Ministry Team         
  • Develop a complete Youth Ministry Plan, which is kept on file and available upon request.


Membership shall consist of six or more members.